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The National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistant released their statistical profile and it shows that as of 2020, there are over 168,000 practicing physician assistants in the United States. Of those, 3.3% are African American. This is why we have made our my mission to increase the number of minority PAs in this country by offering tips and tools to help navigate the process to becoming a healthcare professional.


What is Lillie-Kate?

Lillie-Kate started off as a scholarship that was started at Francis Marion University to provide financial assistance to african american students currently enrolled in their physician assistant program. Since then, we have decided to expand it to involve more outreach to educate students who either are interested or maybe interested in the profession and also provide ways to apply and get accepted into the program. Whether you are someone who has decided to become a physician assistant or someone who is undecided on what avenue they wish to take in the healthcare field, this website has information that will benefit you. Take a minute to browse through the website and contact us directly if you have any questions.

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